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Santa Claus will record a custom video for you, your family, friends, relatives, co workers and more. Within 24 hours, the Elves will send you a 5-8 minute magical greeting from the main man himself. You will be able to download the video and share it with your friends and relatives. Save it for a keepsake for years to come. You will be able to share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Customer Feedback:
Candice wrote:

"Santa was fantastic! Luke was so surprised that Santa knew so much about him! "

Kim wrote:

"fun! "

Brandi wrote:

"Thank you, Santa. We needed that! "

Kristi wrote:

"That was so amazing for Tausan. He was so excited and has not stopped talking about it. We will for sure do this again next year and of course many more! "

Jinelle wrote:

"Kids loved it, thank you "

Michelle wrote:

"Thank you so much. Thomas was delighted to talk with Santa! "

Paul wrote:

"Great for the Kids! Thanks again! "

Jessica wrote:

"i am glad that the reindeer are good and santa claus and mrs.claus are good and i hope i get an american girl doll and some stuff for them and i really hope the american girl is kit and her dog and stuff like that.and i hope my elf vixen comes soon.i "

ELENA wrote:

"awesome awesome awsome "

Melissa wrote:

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! "

Tony wrote:

"santa is so super!! "

Ashley wrote:

"We were very happy with Santa and this experience. Maybe next year our daughter will interact, smile and talk more! "

John wrote:

"AWESOME!!!!! "

Andrew wrote:

"It was great. Thanks! Only one daughter's name is Anabella not Anabell...but she didn't mind...she loved it! Santa was awesome! My wife almost cried. "

Tracy wrote:

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas!!! "

Anonymous wrote:

"loved it "

Damon wrote:

"Very good job Santa, you kept the conversation going even when my child just sat in silence. "

Jason wrote:

"Great job! "

Edward wrote:

"Great Job and Santa knew the children very well and made the experience awesome for all the adults as well. We only hope Santa will find time for us next year. "

Karen wrote:

"The children really enjoyed!! "

Tracey wrote:

"santa was excellent, will definately do again, "

Melisa wrote:

"This is the perfect way to talk to Santa and start off the season! We will definitely do this each year! "

Michellette wrote:

"I can't to see you on Christmas Eve and get some toys. "

Angela wrote:

"Great idea for children! "

Barbara wrote:

"THANK YOU SANTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Maria wrote:

"WE love you. "

Beverly wrote:

"I love you Santa. You're the best ever. "

SHEILA wrote:

"i like talking to you i want a xbox one minecraft and i will tell Maui to be quiet i want to talk to you again you made me smile . do you know what minecraft is? "

Amy wrote:

"Thank you!!! "

Jordyn wrote:

"Jordyn really liked talking to Santa. It was really fun. "

Judy wrote:

"amazing!!!!! we love santa "

Karyl wrote:

"This was fantastic - you brought HUGE smiles to the kids. Thank you! "

Teamika wrote:

"Aliza wants to saay you are the best Santa ever, thank you for talking to me I love you so much "

Marta wrote:

"He was great "

Carey wrote:

"thanks so much "

Katie wrote:

"Thank you! That was amazing!! Can we get a recording of that? "

Emelina wrote:

"awesone experience !!!! thanks sooo much "

Kassandra wrote:

"This was a really great idea and we will do it again next year! "

Todd wrote:

"Thank you for a wonderful Christmas... "

Julio wrote:

"Awesome "

Robyn wrote:

"Thank you for a priceless experience! "

Kelli wrote:

"Hi Santa did you get my note? thank you for the video chat "

Anita wrote:

"Santa was great and made the whole family smile. "

Joanna wrote:

"Excellent "

Holly wrote:

"It was an amazing experience! My 4th graders loved it! Thank you!!! "

Rebecca wrote:

"My daughter loved this experience! Thank you & Merry Christmas! "

Gene wrote:

"That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

George wrote:

"I had a great time speaking with Santa. Love, Marissa "

Heather wrote:

"santa was so nice and made my daughters day!! "

Joie wrote:

"magicalboysaresohappy!!!! "

Cecilia wrote:

"thank you for this experience my boys really enjoyed every bit thank you "

April wrote:


Micha wrote:

"Santa was very nice. He took the time to talk and listen to everyone. Thank you Mrs Huskey's Lifeskills Class "

Kathy wrote:

"Thank you for a magical experience for all! "

Chris wrote:

"Thank you..the experience was awesome!! "

Edith wrote:

"Thank you very much.. Edmee and Ezequiel loved Santa :) Merry Christmas!! "

Sean wrote:

"Thank you! "

Ryan wrote:

"Santa is Awesome and Cool. Keep up the good work. "

Karl wrote:

"We loved visiting with Santa. Everyone had a good time. Thanks so much! "

Jacqueline wrote:

"Loved to see my kids smile Thank you for this amazing experience "

Dirk wrote:

"loved talking to santa. sorry that carson didnt sit still. carson is happy that he got to see you and i am to. love carson,kaden,val,grandpa,mommy and daddy! "

Nikki wrote:

"very awesome santa!! thank you!! "

Veronica wrote:

"merry christmas! "

Ryan wrote:

"santa's awesome! "

Talia wrote:

"Amazing and magical! And so great at talking with the kids! "

Nicolette wrote:

"Santa, you are an excellent symbol of Christmas. I would like to talk to you again next December. "

Jennifer wrote:

"Very nice experience for the kids! "

Chere wrote:

"I like the sleigh Santa, see you on Christmas, see you later. "

Rosney wrote:

"Amazing experience, i almost cried of the emotion, Thank you guys for all the magic!!!! "

Rachael wrote:

"thanks santa...see you next year! "

Danielle wrote:

"that was wonderful!! "

Greg wrote:

"was just awesome! plain and simple. "

Jennifer wrote:

"it was awesome "

Heather wrote:

"He is wonderful "

Karen wrote:

"You were awesome. Thank you so much. "

Heather wrote:

"This was so awesome! My daughter had a wonderful time speaking with Santa. He was very humorous and made us all smile! She was amazed by all of the facts that Santa knew about her. This whole process was very easy, and we will definitely be signin "

Josh wrote:

"AMAZING!!!!!!! what a great memory. The kids are so excited and amazed. Great to meet you santa:) "

Alison wrote:

"So much fun!! "

Spencer wrote:

"Awesome!!!!!!!!! :) "

Mona wrote:

"wonderful "

Connie wrote:

"Wonderful!! Thank you Santa- my kids will never forget this! "

Sarah wrote:

"Awesome Santa! We love him! Thank you. "

Deanna wrote:

"Owen really enjoyed talking with Santa. "

Deanna wrote:

"Santa was wonderful and caring. He also knew just the right things to say to my grandson. Santa was excellent in how he encouraged my 6 year old grandson to do the right things and to be good, but also kept emphasizing that he was a wonderful, good "

Baz wrote:

"Maya loved talking to Santa about art "

Mary wrote:

"thanks santa Caoimhe was overwhelmed "

Cathy wrote:

"nice job santa! "

Veronica wrote:

"We loved this!!! Worth every penny! Thank you so much for this genuine interactive conversation. "

Kristin wrote:

"It was amazing!! Thank you Santa!! "

Stacey wrote:

"Very enjoyable! Will definitely do again! Thank you! "

Giselle wrote:

"so cool! "

Avery wrote:

"Santa ROCKS! "

Ivrie wrote:

"We have sick kiddos tonight, but you made my lil girl smile "

Annastacia wrote:

"Mahalo Santa, it was fantastic to speak with you. I still can not believe that I got to talk with YOU - Santa Claus in the North Pole. It was very nice to learn about Olive and Chet and that it is Christmas Magic that allows you to slow time down ma "

JANICE wrote:

"Santa was very great! I enjoyed talking to him! "

Debbie wrote:

"Thank you and Merry Christmas. It was fun. "

Jill wrote:

"Thank you!! "

Jennifer wrote:

"isabelle says thank you for taking time out from your busy day to talk to me "

Lynda wrote:

"it was great! Thank you! "

Cindy wrote:

"I love santa because he likes BOBBY WASABY too. Awesome!!!!!! you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

George wrote:

"livy said i love u santa and mrs claus and the elf and we both hop to see snowlake next next year and make sure to tell the raindeer to get to our house tonight "

Rensyl wrote:

"thank you santa for your time. ill see you again "

Joni wrote:

"wonderful! "

Elizabeth wrote:

"this was cool! "

Jack wrote:

"this was my perfect for my jack he was not sure what to belive now he definitely does belive in the magic of christmas.... thank you so much jacks momma "

Chris wrote:

"This was really amazing, thank you! "

Leslie wrote:

"It was fun! We really love it! Migi was too excited! Thank's Santa, you made his day! Merry Christmas! "

Amiee wrote:

"GREAT!!!! loved every minute of this experience "

Susan wrote:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. Ciana will not forget it! Hugs to all you North Polers :) "

Matt wrote:

"That was very good. She loved it. Thanks for everything. I will be recommending this to all my friends. Again, Great job. Made her day! "

Linda wrote:

"good job "

Elizabeth wrote:

"Amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!! "

Melissa wrote:

"we love you santa!!! you brought us happiness and joy and more believing!! "

Maximus wrote:

"that was amazing "

Tracy wrote:

"Thanks so much for helping us make a great memory! "

Mike wrote:


Brandon wrote:

"it was awesome to see you "

Holley wrote:

"He is very nice. Best Santa Claus in the world. He is very special. He is very sweet. The people on the support line were very helpful when we could not view Santa. "

Nicholas wrote:

"It was AWESOME!! My son loved every second of it! It was truly an amazing experience for him. Hes calling all his friends and family to tell them about it. Thanks so much to everyone at for being so responsive, helpful and for creat "

Elizabeth wrote:

"Thank you Santa for such a wonderful talk! - Love Olivia and The Review Ballerina "

Jena byron wrote:

"He was SO good with the kiddos - very creative :) "

Kelly wrote:

"From Katarina: I really like the elves and talk with Santa. I am going to give Santa lots of cookies! I am probably going to name my elf Wendy. "

Mattia wrote:


Samantha wrote:

"Santa exceeded our expectations! "

Shauna wrote:

"Thank you so much... It was a great experience "

Raquel wrote:

"I will make you chocolate chip cookies and thank you and hohoho "

Kelly wrote:

"So amazing! We loved every moment! "

Kelly wrote:

"My Grandchildren loved it !!! "

Kelli wrote:

"Dallas loved Santa, she keeps saying she wants to talk to him again! "

Shannon wrote:

"my kids are amazed right now!! "

Ann wrote:

"It was great my children had fun talking to Santa.He is very kind they said and they look forward to speaking with him again. "

Gerri wrote:

"Awesome "

Carla wrote:

"Great experience for the Kids. "

Debi wrote:

"The kids had a wonderful time. Santa was great , kept the kids talking and laughing :) "

April wrote:

"All 3 kids (8, 6 and 5) were thrilled and completely in awe of Santa!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! "

Nicole wrote:

"Thank you Santa!! From Addie and Max "

Patricia wrote:

"loved him - excellent santa "

Corie wrote:

"Great "

Leisa wrote:

"Awesome! "

Danielle wrote:

"My son is so happy! He can't believe Santa called to talk to him and knew exactly what he wanted for christmas! It was a fantastic experience! Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas! "

Toni wrote:

"Thank you for talking to me santa love,bella "

Jennifer wrote:

"Santa made our Christmas! My five year old has been lit up as bright as the Christmas tree ever since our call. Thank you for our amazing experience!! "

Cristina wrote:

"Thank you for calling me Santa. I love you. Connor "

Magda wrote:

"Thank you santa THAT WAS AWESOME "

Dan wrote:

"santa is awesome!!!! "

Beth wrote:

"Thank you! Santa did a nice job. "

Marilyn wrote:

"I love you Santa. It was fun talking to you. I wish we could do this again. Your the best thing in the world. "

Stephanie wrote:

"we loved it. It was magical. "

Sabina wrote:

"We loved the experienced! Thank you! Santa really knows how to communicate with lil ones. It was great! We will do it again next year. Merry Christmas!! The Lopez Family =) "

Tami wrote:

"Santa was great! Super experience, our little girl Anna Beth was tickled to death! Thank you for the wonderful present! The Huxes "

Anna wrote:

"So much fun! "

Anna wrote:

"This was an AMAZING experience for our entire family! Santa was absolutely awesome! Thank you so very much!! "

Alana wrote:

"Jacob and Madison Loved talking to Santa! If you didn't hear Madison, she says to tell Donner he is the best :-) "

Marlies wrote:

"I liked it so much.I want to talk to him again.I feel happy.Tyson "

Don wrote:

"Thank you Santa "

Wendy wrote:

"santa did great "

Jacquelynn wrote:

"Wonderful experience for us. We used a different service to speak with Santa last year. This was great as well. Particular thank you to Mike, the Elf, who helped us get our system ready for the call. Merry Christmas!! "

Dani wrote:

"Thank you! "

Gabriel wrote:

"Dad: This was such a great experience. Santa Claus was terrific and it made Tater's day. Thank you ALL so very much. Tater: I want one of Mrs. Claus's cookies! =) =) =) "

Dan wrote:

"Great job! Thank you. "

Susana wrote:

"it was great! "

Robert wrote:

"It was great for my son. Thank you. "

Todd wrote:

"he took his time to talk with us. "

John wrote:

"Great "

Cristi wrote:

"santa is the nicest in the whole wide world!! "

Betsy wrote:

"Awesome experience! Santa was super nice and funny and made us all happy! Thank you!! "

Kara wrote:

"The experience was lovely! Thank you so much :) We will definitely refer others to your site. It was magical for our son. "

Kash wrote:

"So funny to see the kids in shock to actually talk to santa! its great he calls them out on being naughty tooo!!! :) Thank you! "

Joe wrote:

"Olivia wants slime and Victoria wants Shopkins "

Alicia wrote:

"merry chriistmas "

Sherri wrote:

"Excellent experience. Very magical. "

Scott wrote:

"Awesome as always, thanks Elf Mike! "

Arianna wrote:

"Great one on one experience "

Maggy wrote:

"It was an amazing experience. Our children totally believe again. "

Melissa wrote:

"Awesome!!.... Thank you so much!! Christmas is wonderful with children who believe. "

Melissa wrote:

"This is my favorite holiday tradition, talking to Santa on live video is so cool! "

Stephanie wrote:

"The kids absolutely loved it!!! "

Brooks wrote:

"Thank you Santa, you were wonderful! so much emotion in our little boy in talking to santa!!! "

Jami wrote:

"what a fantastic thing we could do for the kids. they'll talk about this for a long time. thanks so much! "

Bob wrote:

"Thank you so much, my son enjoyed it so much!!! "

Robert wrote:

"Santa did a wonderful job, we will definitely recommend this site for others. My son enjoyed the experience, we were very fortunate to have this opportunity. Thank you "

Patrick wrote:

"good job "

Carla wrote:

"Great Santa call. "

Elsa wrote:

"excellent call "

Bernadette wrote:

"Very fun. "

Elizabeth wrote:

"amazing! Thank you! "

Shelly wrote:

"He was great with our 4 year old! "

Susan wrote:

"Thanks for the experience! We had a grest time chatting with Santa! "

Tracey wrote:

"We loved Santa he's great "

Mandy wrote:

"Loved the time her spent with each child. Great experience "

Heather wrote:


John wrote:

"Very enjoyable!! "

Teresa wrote:

"that was awesome!! thank you so much!!! "

Kate wrote:

"Our daughter had a great experience, thanks! "

Yesenia wrote:

"This santa was personable, friendly and warm. We had a great experience. "

Camila wrote:

"it was great "

Yesenia wrote:

"This santa was warm and friendly and so kind. He was personable and easy to talk to. We very much enjoyed our call. "

Theresa wrote:

"He was awesome! "

David wrote:


Andrew wrote:

"Awesome Santa, thank you for the experience. God Bless! "

Anita wrote:

"it was very good. my son was shy but he enjoyed it. "

Sabrina wrote:

"My daughter really enjoyed it. She said that she was afraid to talk because it was Santa..Thank you!! "

Jenny wrote:

"This was so fun! "

Char wrote:

"SUPER and Santa's elf was fantastic!!! Thanks so much "

Sandra wrote:

"It was awesome! Kids loved it! "

Sharonda wrote:

"Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful! Thank you! The girls were so happy. "

Oliver wrote:

"good time "

Gianna wrote:

"next time we will talk more!!! promise! thank you (: "

Chris wrote:

"Talk with Santa was AWESOME!!! "

Leighann wrote:

"megan and jadyn love santa and had a lot of experience. we will make sure not to get like jadyns black eye and megans hurtful rist. we think one day santa and mrs. claus could talk toghther. And have a merry merry chirstmas. "

Jason wrote:

"Great experience! Kids loved it. "

Jennifier wrote:

"Best part of the Christmas season so far! Very memorable for Jayanna! "

Tyrone wrote:

"absolute success "

Jennifier wrote:

"Joelle absolutely loved talking to Santa! Thank you so much for making her day so special and memorable! "

Hector wrote:

"Awesome.... "

Shannon wrote:

"Eli would also like the remote control BB-8. Greta would also like the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet. And the big rolly ball. "

Gregory wrote:

"thank you "

Sarah wrote:

"Great job! "

Janet wrote:

"It was fun, thank you very much Merry Christmas. "

GEORGE wrote:

"this was great ! thank you "

Misty wrote:

"WE love Santa! Thank you for calling us! Merry Christmas! "

Amy wrote:

"Merry Christmas Santa Claus Love, Paityn, Reagan, Abby and Kenlie. We loved getting to speak to you!! "

Vanessa wrote:

"over all it was a good experience. "

Kathy wrote:

"Thank you Santa! Merry Christmas! We love you! Mrs. Ryan "

Alisha wrote:

"We had fun! "

Ashley wrote:

"santa is the BEST EVER!!! "

Rosney wrote:

"We love you Santa, thank you for an unforgettable night for all of us, even the parents.Can't wait for the gifts! PD: Love you Santa! "

Judith wrote:

"Santa was great! Thank you and Happy Holidays! "

William wrote:

"thank you "

Lisa wrote:

"Santa was great, thank u so much "

Nicole wrote:

"THIS WAS AWESOME!!! Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!!!! "

Erin wrote:

"great experience! awesome santa "

Russell wrote:

"good experience "

Melissa wrote:

"terrific Santa "

Brian wrote:

"great experience. thanks! "

Yelitza wrote:

"Santa was super nice, and very funny!! my kids loved him!!! "

Edicsa wrote:

"my kids really enjoyed speaking with Santa himself! it was an amazing experience, and we are sure to share with everyone! thank you santa!! "

Ashlie wrote:

"This was the best video chat we have had no flaw and was super easy to use "

Heather wrote:

"Our chat with Santa this year was just as phenomenal as last years' chat! Santa took all of our cues, and used them perfectly! We will definitely be using Talk to Santa again in the future! Merry Christmas! "

Josh wrote:

"amazing "

George wrote:

"Great experience.. "

Amy wrote:

"He did a wonderful job! It was very awesome and sweet! Lucas was so excited!! We will do this again next year! "

Ashlie wrote:

"we loved it "

Robert wrote:

"The kids loved it and were speechless. "

Stephen wrote:

"Very impressed; Santa was great. "

Gina wrote:

"Great experience! Will definitely do again next year! "

TRACEY wrote:


Jason wrote:

"Santa was so great! "

Nicole wrote:

"this was just the most magical thing in the world. the kids just loved it. "

Adam wrote:

"i had an awesome time and i know he is the real santa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love sally "

Chrystal wrote:

"Santa was amazing. He was great with the kids! "

Barbara wrote:

"The kids loved Santa. "

Brenda wrote:

"My kids really enjoyed talking to Santa and stated, "I think that was the real Santa" when we were finished. Even the "shy" child opened up and talked to Santa at the end. "

Melissa wrote:


Gladys wrote:

"I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Kimberly wrote:

"Great visit with Santa!! Aidan "

Sasha wrote:

"Great experience "

Debra wrote:

"Santa did a wonderful job keeping the magic alive! Love that he sang with them. Thanks for another great experience! "

John wrote:

"awesome job! "

Steven wrote:

"Thank you very much, it was a great experience! "

Traci wrote:

"Santa was awesome. The kids loved him :) "

Patricia wrote:

"spoke well with the kids! they loved the fact that he knew things about them. "

JESSICA wrote:


Kristin wrote:

"It was great !! thanks!! "

Angela wrote:

"awesome santa "

Christina wrote:

"Thank you so much! That was an awesome experience :-) !! "

Maloree wrote:

"2nd year to talk with Santa and he always makes it so personable and fun. Thank you again for making Bronson's Christmas extra special!! "

Noemi wrote:

"kids loved year for sure again "

Lisa wrote:

"It was great! "

Kara wrote:

"Santa was just as we hoped he would be! Lots of fun. "

Calum wrote:

"i really loved talking with you Santa and i might even give you a special cookie i hope you will really like the special cookie it is going to be great and when i first found this app it made me really happy and today when we we cold you it was the b "

Chris wrote:

"The kids are really excited "

Matthew wrote:

"It is magical and amazing as always. Thank you from Ethan and Hayden you made their Christmas. Thanks Santa we love you! "

JJ wrote:

"good, Thanks for this gift. Kids are very happy. "

Laura wrote:

"this was so sweet! "

Andrina wrote:

"It was perfect. "

Dan wrote:

"Loved it! Amazing experience our daughter will always remember. Thank you! "

David wrote:

"Santa was AMAZING ! We loved him ! "

Tyler wrote:

"He was spectacular! Thank you ! We will do again! "

Marc wrote:

"omg "

Kellie wrote:

"My kids experience was magical. Their eyes lit up and they had grins from ear to ear. "

Ann wrote:

"Thanks for a magical nite "

Cassandra wrote:

"Thank you Santa for talking to a 2 year old which I know is not easy....You kept the conversation going even when he was silent. Thanks, Cassandra "

Alana wrote:

"thank you so much for your time and effort to make this video! :) "

Holley wrote:

"It was awesome !!!!! "

Daniele wrote:

"This was amazing! We loved Santa. "

Marcela wrote:

"awesome "

Amy wrote:

"My kids loved it! "

Jeanette wrote:

"Terrific and magical even if my child is shy and a bit in awe. : ) "

Todd wrote:

"This is an excellent experience my little boy is so excited. "

Stacey wrote:

"Great experience! "

Steven wrote:

"it was a wonderful experience for Danton. Thank you Santa!!! "

Amanda wrote:

"GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks Santa! "

Jared wrote:

"Thanks for the great chat! Santa handled the "is Criddle the elf a toy?" question really well. Merry Christmas "

Kim wrote:

"We loved talking to Santa! Great fun, Thank You!! "

Tami wrote:

"Such a great Santa! She is amazed. "

Jacqueline wrote:

"Santa was fantastic and very patient !!! "

Sairyn wrote:

"This was great! Thank you so much! He made things so believable! The kids were stunned! Awesome, thank you, thank you! Would recommend this to anyone! "

Eileen wrote:

"Am I on the good list? "

Chrysta wrote:

"Love it! Every year we love talking to him! "

Jena byron wrote:

"This was a fantastically magical experience for the kiddos! Thank you, Santa! "

Patricia wrote:

"he was great!! "

Carla wrote:

"Great Santa! "

Blake wrote:

"it was fun seeing Santa! "

ANNA wrote:

"it was great "

Tiffany wrote:

"This is our tradition now. We greatly appreciate it. "

Paul wrote:

"Easy enough to use and this was our second year and we will be back. "

Michael wrote:

"It was great! Thank you Santa! "

Janet wrote:

"thank you! merry christmas santa! "

Tom wrote:

"Brought a tear to my eye and created a forever-memory in my heart. Thank you so much Santa! "

Courtney wrote:

"We thought it was AWSOME! "

Nathan wrote:

"Thank you Santa!! Have a Merry Christmas and we can't wait until you come. We will talk again next year!!! "

Jonathan wrote:

"Awesome experience! "

Karen wrote:

"Santa was great, we all really enjoyed speaking to him. "

Julianna wrote:

"you are so awesome i will always belive i loved talking to you! love ,Carsyn. "

Arunima wrote:

"thank you and merry christmas from Annika and her family. "

Betsy wrote:

"great visit with santa! "

Marlando wrote:

"Thank you! It was AWESOME!! The kids loved it "

Celina wrote:

"Thank you for your time. Thank you for everything that you did for me and A Very Merry Christmas. I will continue being good. Wish I was there with you in the snow. ps: Love your beard. Love from Bannon and Mommy (Celina) in Coventry, England CV "

Craig wrote:

"Amazing experience! Merry Christmas everyone! "

Michael wrote:

"very professional and daughter really enjoyed it thank you "

Cassie wrote:

"Thank you so much its just setting in for Dominic and he is so excited he got to speak with Santa. "

Jeff wrote:

"The santa was incredible. "

Chrystal wrote:

"This is the best thing ever. Our second year participating and I'm so happy with our experiences. Thank you. This makes my kids (and me) smile. Merry Christmas! "

Erika wrote:

"Best Santa experience ever! So well done. Thank you. "

Rachelle wrote:


Rachelle wrote:

"AWESOME job Santa Thank you. The kids are still talking about it and laughing. They are soooo happy. "

Rachelle wrote:

"I will be a part of the video chat as long as my niece and nephew love it. "

Teresa wrote:

"most awesome thing ever "

Ruth wrote:

"Thank you for having this program its soo cool!! "

Earl wrote:

"thanks santa you made our day "

Jewel wrote:

"Was absolutely amazing!! got to see her smle! "

George wrote:

"Great experience. "

Seran wrote:

"Thank you ! You are making a lot of children happy. Merry Christmas. "

Jo wrote:

"Wonderful, my son's face made me so happy, thank you!! "

Charles wrote:

"Outstanding experience! Thank You! "

Jesse wrote:

"Santa was awesome!!! Thank u so much "

Amy Beth wrote:

"Santa made us all laugh, He was really nice. We hope to talk to him again in the future! "

Kate wrote:

"Well done! Excellent "

MaryAlice wrote:

"Joey(7) Jude(5) "I can't believe, well I DO believe, I saw Santa and I about passed out!"He made my CHristmas so great! Thanks Santa & Elf Mike (for all your IT help) xoxoxo "

George wrote:

"olivia says thank you and santa is the best "

Maurice wrote:

"My son was so excited and happy to see and talk to Santa. Thank you for making his Christmas so special "

Kim wrote:

"Great Experience, Glad Santa had time to talk to us... know he is really busy! "

Jodi wrote:

"This was amazing!!!! The boys LOVED this magical call with Santa. He spent a good amount of time talking to them, and was jovial and so great! I can't thank you enough - thank you so much!!!!!! We are looking forward to next year!!!! "

Joe wrote:

"Year 2, and still love it.. thanks "

Catherine wrote:

"Loved this Santa! "

Susan wrote:

"i loved him on so many levels i cant explain. <3 "

Matthew wrote:

"We also have a stocking for Santa and Mrs. Claus. We love you and fly safe. Tell Rudolph Hello! "

Zoey wrote:

"Great experience, thank you! "

Watch Sample Personalized Video Call
Recorded Vido Call Includes:
  • 5-7 Minute Personalized Video Call
  • Children Nice List Certificate
  • E-Birthday Card From Santa
  • Copy Of Video To Download and Share

Price : $ 24.95