Personalized Santa Video

Custom Personalized Recorded Video From Santa

Santa Claus will record a custom video for you, your children, family, friends, relatives, co workers and more. Within 24 hours beginning 11/15/19, the Elves will send you a 5-8 minute magical greeting from the main man himself. You will be able to download the video and share it with your friends and relatives. Save it for a keepsake for years to come. You will be able to share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

Get Your Name On Santa's Nice List!
  • Kimberly Says:

"santa was very nice and sweet and i hope i get to see him again and i will leave cookies and a snack for the reindeer and Santa MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody and santa "

  • Saul Says:

"Santa was great and made all of us smile. "

  • Joseph Says:

"i cant believe he knows alot about me "

  • Pat Says:

"Once again the Santa experience was great! "

  • Jennifer Says:

"Thank you for the magical experience! "

  • Lori Says:

"Kids really enjoyed the video call. Look forward to doing it again. "

  • Veronica Says:

"magical, thank you so much, what a personable special santa x x x merry xmas all x "

  • Nicole Says:

"Olivia says, 'it was very cool and i don't know how he knew everything but it was awesome!' Logan says,' i don't know how Santa knew everything. It was very very fun. We love you Santa. "

  • Michelle Says:

"This was a great experience. Gavin and Declan loved talking with Santa. Thank You "

  • Amanda Says:

"Santa made a wonderful Christmas for our children. We were unable to visit him as they were sick and now they are soooo excited@ "

  • Cesar Says:

"this was a GREAT CALL!! SANTA WAS AMAZING!!!!!! "

  • Brittany Says:

"WONDERFUL experience!!!!! "

  • Robert Says:

"It was a great experience for our grandchildren "

  • Randoph Says:

"Hope to talk to you again next year! Have a merry christmas Santa! "

  • Monique Says:

"always a pleasure to speak to Santa. Thank you!! "

  • Mike Says:

"it was awesome "

  • Jewel Says:

"Alexis says thank you so much and Merry Christmas!! "

  • Paul Says:

"Went very well. Even made the 4 year old take notice! "

  • Nathan Says:

"great again!! "

  • Melissa Says:

"excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  • Brian Says:

"great job and easy to use "

  • Alicia Says:

"Dear Santa, I wonder if you can send another elf to watch me? Love you santa. Mom and Dad said it is ok if you call them Bill and Alicia. From Nolan "

  • Jacqueline Says:

"Dear Santa, I know we just talked I want to say one more thing..Christmas is awesome! I love Christmas and when the reindeer get tired please give them a break. I wish you a merry Christmas Santa "

  • Tania Says:

"i love santa and christmas is my favorite holiday we will leave carrots for dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comid, cupid, doner and blitzen and rudolph thank you so much for all you do every year and this year i will make santa a homemade gift for hi "

  • Angela Says:

"Very sweet! Thanks Santa! "

  • Melissa Says:

"he was great... quality time with the kids... "

  • Josh Says:

"Santa was great, the kids loved talking to him! "

  • Karen Says:

"He loved it! "

  • Tami Says:

"this was our 3rd year, and it was amazing as always! "

  • Brenda Says:

"Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids are over the moon happy. Thank you, the best purchase ever! "

  • Vanessa Says:

"i love the joy he brings to us "

  • Russell Says:

"Great experience "

  • Ashley Says:

"He did good with our very little ones and kept it going. Thanks, Santa! "

  • Kara Says:

"This was the best thing I could have ever done for my son!!! It was AMAZING! Santa was awesome!!!! "

  • Zoey Says:

"Great experience, thank you! "

  • Matthew Says:

"We also have a stocking for Santa and Mrs. Claus. We love you and fly safe. Tell Rudolph Hello! "

  • Susan Says:

"i loved him on so many levels i cant explain. <3 "

  • Catherine Says:

"Loved this Santa! "

  • Joe Says:

"Year 2, and still love it.. thanks "

  • Jodi Says:

"This was amazing!!!! The boys LOVED this magical call with Santa. He spent a good amount of time talking to them, and was jovial and so great! I can't thank you enough - thank you so much!!!!!! We are looking forward to next year!!!! "

  • Kim Says:

"Great Experience, Glad Santa had time to talk to us... know he is really busy! "

  • Maurice Says:

"My son was so excited and happy to see and talk to Santa. Thank you for making his Christmas so special "

  • George Says:

"olivia says thank you and santa is the best "

  • MaryAlice Says:

"Joey(7) Jude(5) "I can't believe, well I DO believe, I saw Santa and I about passed out!"He made my CHristmas so great! Thanks Santa & Elf Mike (for all your IT help) xoxoxo "

  • Kate Says:

"Well done! Excellent "

  • Amy Beth Says:

"Santa made us all laugh, He was really nice. We hope to talk to him again in the future! "

  • Jesse Says:

"Santa was awesome!!! Thank u so much "

  • Charles Says:

"Outstanding experience! Thank You! "

  • Jo Says:

"Wonderful, my son's face made me so happy, thank you!! "

  • Seran Says:

"Thank you ! You are making a lot of children happy. Merry Christmas. "

  • George Says:

"Great experience. "

  • Jewel Says:

"Was absolutely amazing!! got to see her smle! "

  • Earl Says:

"thanks santa you made our day "

  • Ruth Says:

"Thank you for having this program its soo cool!! "

  • Teresa Says:

"most awesome thing ever "

  • Rachelle Says:

"I will be a part of the video chat as long as my niece and nephew love it. "

  • Rachelle Says:

"AWESOME job Santa Thank you. The kids are still talking about it and laughing. They are soooo happy. "

  • Rachelle Says:


  • Erika Says:

"Best Santa experience ever! So well done. Thank you. "

  • Chrystal Says:

"This is the best thing ever. Our second year participating and I'm so happy with our experiences. Thank you. This makes my kids (and me) smile. Merry Christmas! "

  • Jeff Says:

"The santa was incredible. "

  • Cassie Says:

"Thank you so much its just setting in for Dominic and he is so excited he got to speak with Santa. "

  • Michael Says:

"very professional and daughter really enjoyed it thank you "

  • Craig Says:

"Amazing experience! Merry Christmas everyone! "

  • Celina Says:

"Thank you for your time. Thank you for everything that you did for me and A Very Merry Christmas. I will continue being good. Wish I was there with you in the snow. ps: Love your beard. Love from Bannon and Mommy (Celina) in Coventry, England CV "

  • Marlando Says:

"Thank you! It was AWESOME!! The kids loved it "

  • Betsy Says:

"great visit with santa! "

  • Arunima Says:

"thank you and merry christmas from Annika and her family. "

  • Julianna Says:

"you are so awesome i will always belive i loved talking to you! love ,Carsyn. "

  • Karen Says:

"Santa was great, we all really enjoyed speaking to him. "

  • Jonathan Says:

"Awesome experience! "

  • Nathan Says:

"Thank you Santa!! Have a Merry Christmas and we can't wait until you come. We will talk again next year!!! "

  • Courtney Says:

"We thought it was AWSOME! "

  • Tom Says:

"Brought a tear to my eye and created a forever-memory in my heart. Thank you so much Santa! "

  • Janet Says:

"thank you! merry christmas santa! "

  • Michael Says:

"It was great! Thank you Santa! "

  • Paul Says:

"Easy enough to use and this was our second year and we will be back. "

  • Tiffany Says:

"This is our tradition now. We greatly appreciate it. "

  • ANNA Says:

"it was great "

  • Blake Says:

"it was fun seeing Santa! "

  • Carla Says:

"Great Santa! "

  • Patricia Says:

"he was great!! "

  • Jena byron Says:

"This was a fantastically magical experience for the kiddos! Thank you, Santa! "

  • Chrysta Says:

"Love it! Every year we love talking to him! "

  • Eileen Says:

"Am I on the good list? "

  • Sairyn Says:

"This was great! Thank you so much! He made things so believable! The kids were stunned! Awesome, thank you, thank you! Would recommend this to anyone! "

  • Jacqueline Says:

"Santa was fantastic and very patient !!! "

  • Tami Says:

"Such a great Santa! She is amazed. "

  • Kim Says:

"We loved talking to Santa! Great fun, Thank You!! "

  • Jared Says:

"Thanks for the great chat! Santa handled the "is Criddle the elf a toy?" question really well. Merry Christmas "

  • Amanda Says:

"GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks Santa! "

  • Steven Says:

"it was a wonderful experience for Danton. Thank you Santa!!! "

  • Stacey Says:

"Great experience! "

  • Todd Says:

"This is an excellent experience my little boy is so excited. "

  • Jeanette Says:

"Terrific and magical even if my child is shy and a bit in awe. : ) "

  • Amy Says:

"My kids loved it! "

  • Marcela Says:

"awesome "

  • Daniele Says:

"This was amazing! We loved Santa. "

  • Holley Says:

"It was awesome !!!!! "

  • Alana Says:

"thank you so much for your time and effort to make this video! :) "

Watch Sample Personalized Video Call
Recorded Vido Call Includes:
  • 5-8 Minute Personalized Video Call
  • Children Nice List Certificate
  • E-Birthday Card From Santa
  • Copy Of Video To Download and Share

Price : $ 24.95