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The rocking santa claus lives in the north pole. The santa claus house is very big. The elves also live in the santa claus house. Now as we all know that santa claus lives in the north pole in toyland, the santa claus house is filled with elves and of santa claus reindeers. The santa claus house is a complete mess because of santa claus dearest elves and reindeers. The rocking santa claus is coming to town soon as santa claus lives near the town. Because of santa claus elves are also coming with the rocking santa claus. The main reason of santa claus is coming to town is to partner up with some brands.

Rocking santa claus has partnered up with these amazing brands. These brands are also available where the santa claus lives. These brands are the official sponsors for (rocking santa claus) Talk to Santa.

Prologic technologies - solution & technology provider is a digital agency that deals with mobile, web and voice apps. Santa claus is especially coming to town to pair up with Prologic. The second brand is also available where the santa claus lives and is near the santa claus house, Totbox – video conferencing support deals with video creation, Coca-Cola – our bubbly sponsor, toys for tots (our tiny initiative for tots) helps bring the joy of Christmas to less-fortunate children and lastly nimbb – Santa audition support. Because of santa claus, Talk to Santa has taken this great initiative by collaborating with these brands and helping children that are not so fortunate to celebrate Christmas like the others. But the santa claus is coming to town to help these children. And if you want to help those tots don’t forget to donate and make their Christmas a night to remember forever! Santa Claus is coming to town!

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TOYS FOR TOTS – Our Tiny Initiative For Toys And Tots – Talk to Santa

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