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How to Track Santa Claus

Did you know that Santa uses his sleigh all the time! We always get emails asking "where is Santa?"

Of course when Santa Claus needs to go somewhere, he takes his sleigh! Not only does he use it on Christmas Eve he also uses it when he travels to different parts of the world during the rest of the year. With the official Santa Tracker here on, you can track Santa's journeys throughout the year.

Here is another interesting fact. Santa has a team of elves that help keep the sleigh in tip top shape all year long. Sometimes you can look up and see the elf sleigh team taking the sleigh out to make sure it is tuned up. Of course the reindeer love to fly! They don't just fly on December 24th.

So if you want to see where Santa's location is when he is flying in the sleigh, you can use our sighting opportunities page to track Santa Claus's travels.

To find out where Santa's Sleigh is at, all you need to do is input your location zip code or city and we will calculate when you may be able to see the sleigh fly over you.

How can you see when Santa is leaving the North Pole and going somewhere? Simply put your zip code/postal code or city in the search bar, click GO. Our Santa Tracker will then show you times and dates that you may be able to see the Sleigh fly over you.

Once you find a time a date you may be able to see the sleigh, go outside and look to see the direction the sleigh will be coming from and which direction it will be headed. If you look in the right spot, you will see a very bright light - NOT BLINKING - moving very fast across the sky. When the Elves are taking it out to test, they usually travel about 17,000 miles per hour. The reindeer love to fly that fast! Now on Christmas Eve when Santa and the reindeer are out delivering presents, they fly way faster than that. The speed on Christmas Eve is a highly guarded secret here at the North Pole.

Once you see the sleigh, make sure you click one of these links to share the fact that you saw Santa's Sleigh!

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How to Spot Santa's Sleigh?

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