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Welcome to Talk To Santa, your magical gateway to connect with the jolliest of all - Santa Claus! Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Santa's North Pole, where wishes come true and holiday dreams come alive.

At Talk to Santa, we offer a unique and interactive experience that brings the joy and wonder of the holiday season directly to you. Whether you're a child with a heart full of wonder or a grown-up who still believes in the magic of Christmas, our platform allows you to have a direct conversation with Santa himself.

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Santa Special Messages

Voice Message

Custom voice messages from Santa Claus, are ideal for memorable events such as birthdays, milestones, or festive holidays like Christmas. Santa will record a message customized to their child's latest achievements, hobbies, or to mark a significant occasion..

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Nice List Club

Voice Message

Join Santa's Nice List Club, an enchanting experience where the magic of the North Pole comes to life for children throughout the year! As a member of this exclusive club, your child will receive personalized voice messages from Santa Claus himself, filled with words of encouragement and gentle reminders to keep up the good deeds.

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Personalized Video From Santa

Personalized Videos

From Santa

Personalized videos from Santa Claus are a great way to make your holiday season even more special. Our jolly old elf will record a special greeting for your family, friends, or co-workers and let them know if they're on the naughty or nice list. These videos are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face and make this holiday season one to remember.

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Santa at his computer doing a live video chat

Live Video Call

with Santa

This Christmas, Santa Claus is available for a live video chat with your family and friends worldwide. This unique Christmas gift idea leaves children in amazement when they get to talk with Santa live from the North Pole. Available for families or large groups

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Hear It From Our Happy Customer


you are so awesome i will always belive i loved talking to you! love ,Carsyn.


Thank you so much... It was a great experience


Santa was wonderful and caring. He also knew just the right things to say to my grandson. Santa was excellent in how he encouraged my 6 year old grandson to do the right things and to be good, but also kept emphasizing that he was a wonderful, good


Thank you so much, my son enjoyed it so much!!!


Thank you, Santa. We needed that!


this was cool!


awesone experience !!!! thanks sooo much




It was great !! thanks!!


he was great... quality time with the kids...


Christmas is coming...




Hey kids, come join in the fun at the North Pole! Want to know where Santa’s sleigh is? Santa’s Phone number? Tips to stay on the Nice List? Come on in.



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